Cabinet Build Showcase!

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Evening! I am intending to start doing some detailed rundown/showcase of some cabs I have here. They might be custom orders for clients or just interesting things I come up with. This particular one was born out of a very interesting piece of Mineral poplar hardwood

It is a 2×10 design: the shell is made from one continuous piece of mineral poplar put together with half-blnd dovetail joinery.

I added a Solid Walnut face to the front and on top of the baffle/grill board, I added this small L pieces from some figured ash I had lying around.

Quick side note: B Custom Cabs ONLY uses solid hardwoods and void free baltic birch plywood. I consider these to be the best raw materials for my Cabinet designs. No hardwood veneers are ever used.

SO some other details of this 2×10: our baffle design is what I consider semi floated, as it is semi permanently  attached to the inside of the cabinet. I use 1/2 Void free baltic birch plywood for all my speaker baffles, 3/4 can be used by request. The solid back panel is also from Void freed baltic birch ply (1/2)

I chose a nice Fender style Black/silver grill cloth and a heavy duty black dog bone leather handle (these are standard on most builds)

On my hardwood cabs I like to start with a wiping oil/varnish to bring out the natural color and wood grain, and they go from there. This cab features a semi gloss lacquer top coat.

On this particular cab I used a Tele style Jack plate for added glamour.

Check out the Gallery and Let me know what you think!